Qutie of the Month

I love to Support Small Businesses! It's one of my ways of giving back which was freely giving to me. I am in recovery, I had family and Friends and Complete Strangers that played roles as Human Angels to help aid me in getting Clean and Remaining Clean! 

Almost 27 years later it's my pleasure to give no matter the amount. It's Like My trademark #IwearGODWell.  It’s about the representation of people stories, trials and tribulations one has Survived and continue to Rise!


Please support Qute for a cause to help families in need! Also, this Lipstick is so moist and BEAUTIFUL Purchase your products Stay Qute and be Blessed!!!


Sheila D. 



Please note that due to COVID and a general increase in orders, shipping is taking longer than normal.

Qute can also be found at Femme Porter Boutique & Salon 747 Hair Supply Store

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