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Qutie of the Month

I’m Vernishia, your wrist dresser and the mastermind behind Beadiful Stacks. 

I create custom stretch cord bead bracelets and recently working to outsource some of the creations. It started out as fulfilling my personal need of wanting another set of bead bracelets after purchasing a set from a friend back home in Cincinnati. Over the next year, every time I would reach out to her for more of her work, she either wasn’t creating any at the time and if she was, it was for a vendor/craft show she was participating in. When it comes to style and fashion, I try to incorporate things in a way others wouldn't and for me, a stack of bracelets that was pretty much one of a kind spoke to me. The beads varied and so did the charms. This was why I was drawn to her work.

Because I couldn't commission the same lady to create more one of a kind bead bracelets for me, I looked up on YouTube how to make these types of bracelets and realized it was simple. I went to purchase the items and created a set. I added charms that spoke to me personally, more inspirational words and birth stones and next thing you know, I was buying more beads and things to make more. What I found in the process was, it was helping me with the stress/anxiety and at times depression I would deal with. I take prescription medication but never felt it'd help. I also see a therapist, same thing I didn’t feel it was effective BUT getting to work on these bracelets, it was heaven. I was in a zone and at times I'd look up hours later creating 40-50 single bracelets. One day I went home to visit family and my best friend saw a set I made (I was wearing them) and she said, I'll pay you right now for this. I thought she was crazy and told her no, I'd make her a set as a gift and she refused and told me, "people pay for stuff like this!" That day I made my first sale. The sale was less than $50 but I made a sale. It was then I was inspired to start my own business. 

Outside of Beadiful Stacks, I’m a wife and mother to a five-year-old, and 13 and 22-year-old bonus babies. I'm currently active duty Navy and work as a public affairs specialist at a Naval hospital.

I’m currently waiting to learn my fate on whether or not I’ll retire from the Navy this summer or next fall. Either way, I have less than two years left before I can retire from active duty and I plan to pursue this business full time. 

I shop Qute Cosmetics because it supports an important cause. I have family and friends who are affected whether directly or indirectly. Supporting a cause means my retail dollars are really being put to use and I believe thats what is important. Another thing to add is the gloss is pretty smooth and light on my lips!!